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hi i am josh

A keen and highly diligent bicultural student about to complete my BA in Economics – Marketing Management with a focus on Media & Communication at a Dual University. Here, I have gained theoretical and practical experience in the broad field of marketing and media communication to facilitate the interaction of various stakeholders for my current employment at a municipal savings bank.

I strive to gain deeper knowledge and insights into how humanity is driven by and through communication.

my objectives

Doing the right is one thing. Finding the right purpose for oneself is the challenge. In recent years, I joined a scientific, non-profit and professional organization to try and grow. These helped me to connect different spheres of a variety of fields. As a native communicator, I turned my aptitude into my profession. Thus, I realized digital and non-digital communicative work in the context of businesses and non-profit areas.


Personal action for a common society


Inquisitive and ambitious with a worldly outlook


Realized projects and experience

There are countless words that could be said about me and numerous ways to express my intentions, but three words underline my actions.
Straightforwardness | Morality | Understanding

my projects

niche markets communication



A traditional family ran company which declared goal it is to improve their customers experience with every self developed working piece. As a skilled and ambitious company Fuegos produces products for the outdoor branch in different niche fields. Through years of experience with application-oriented solutions in various industries, Fuegos has become professional in the field of ergonomic personal carrying systems. Now Fuegos is setting new standards in one of the most pressing issues for a greener future.

A brilliant idea is great! But how do you properly communicate this brilliance to those for whom it is intended? 

heidenheim lokal.
kaufe regional

fridays for future

Actions for a liveable future, it’s up to us to make a difference. Organisation and board member.

jusos & local politics

A way to understand politics and political work. Board member of the Jusos Heidenheim

save the food

The food waste challenge as an opportunity for local change. Foodsaver and communication organiser

my projects


heidenheim lokal.


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